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Here’s some bits and pieces – details, mini canvasses and work in process from my studio at mivart street before i left. sadly it was too cold to work there over winter, so after a brief time at hamilton house (broke!) i’m working from home.
The tropicana project is something that i started last year and am taking my time over, maybe to exhibit sometime next year. it’ll be a collection of photographs, these quick mixed media on paper things and some bigger work on board or canvass…have to say that i like paper. weston is one of my escape places from long ago. i used to save pennies in a big jar until there was enough to take the kids there, go on the pier, have canyfloss and chips and for a couple of years do the tropicana. the tropicana was brilliant. now i get the train over to weston and walk down the beach to uphill to look over to the brecon beacons, get a coffee from the snack van and wander around the boats. on the way there i walk past the tropicana which is empty but still catches my eye. can’t seem to walk past it without taking more photos so its a slowly evolving thing and i’m not sure where it’ll end.



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