ShinHan Pass review

I jumped at the chance to review some new paint.  …..will write more tomorrow…(or so…)  need food…. give up trying to put these in an orderly line.  they seem to do their own thing…  back with stuff from bath, cape cornwall, studio wip..

Ok, another day, a little more.  Shinhan Pass is a hybrid of watercolour and gouache.  Free paint!  What more could I ask for. Having quite a short timescale to try the paint and return a review I decided to have a nice time and play with it, particularly as I don’t usually use watercolour.  I’m beginning to realise the benefits of sometimes working in a slower way – with the colour mixing here and later with paper clay.  I can spend years working in layers on a canvass but somehow each application of acrylic, emulsion, collage etc is still a quicker more energetic process.

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