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Last post for 2015. A memory from standing in Priests Cove watching the tide come in.

August 1, 2016

day ends, night waits 2b


February 23, 2015

more to come….need food…  about brisons veor and some wips. meanwhile see

A shoal of seagulls silently cruises the evening sky. coloured slip and words on flax paper clay

February 23, 2015

1. a shoal of seagulls silently cruises the  evening sky (unfired)

mixed media on card.

February 23, 2015

brisons view

sea foam

February 23, 2015

1. sea clay (unfired)

ink and emulsion on paper using seed heads, sticks and chinese brush. Hurricane Gonzales hit in the night. This was the day after

February 23, 2015 after gonzales

text pots. Flax paper clay, coloured slip and printed words about seagulls, rain running into my boots and the evening sky

February 23, 2015

1. text pots (unfired)

mixed media on mountcard. walks around Cot Valley and Porth Ledden

February 22, 2015

cot valley walk 3a

February 22, 2015

porth ledden evening walk 1acot valley walk 2acot valley walk 1acot valley walk 4a

more ink and white pastel on paper pieces painted with sticks and seed heads from priests cove. the day after hurricane gonzales

February 22, 2015

day after gonzales 4athe day after gonzales