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Easton Art Trail 2014

February 19, 2015

getting ready

The before and during.  This year I shared a balcony in St Marks with Jonathan Dixon – good company and cost me in plates, stickers and tattoos.  I like his work.  This year I included some of my writing for the first time which felt a little scary but the feedback was good.  Usually it sits at home unread.  I don’t seem to have many photos, possibly because I was chatting and eating cake.


February 19, 2015

balcony balcony rail balcony

Walcot Chapel May 2014

August 18, 2014

This May five of us shared Walcot Chapel in Bath, an old mortuary chapel long used for music or art, as a working open studio. We were three painters and two textile artists. My idea was to make a lot of small painted squares based on the green and white colours that are a memorable part of the setting, seen through arched windows, lit and changed by the different times of day.  Somehow that gradually changed – influenced by conversation and shared space.  I began to make imprints of flowers and gravestone script.

A whole set of Susi’s great grandmother’s widows weeds started talk – between ourselves and also with visitors – of widows, strong women, survival, relationships. Discussions about death and the nebulous nature of memory. A whole life often captured many years later with so few words on a gravestone.

I felt the urge to make small clay widows to live outside. Maybe not all so devoted or dutiful….

Thanks to Angie Kinnear, Michelle Dash, Ali Harper and Susi Bancroft for a week of inspiration.